LaFour Ranch


Rural Nevada

They are gone like the MC horses


While this web site is still active, this ranch will soon be inactive. As of Jan 2019, I will be listing this ranch property for sale.  I will be using a really sharp realator out of Reno.  While I await this being formally listed, I am starting to downsize and liquidate what is appropriate.  On 7 Jan, I said good bye to what was left of my Soay Sheep flock.  This was a package deal where the last livestock guardian dog also left for the final time.  I still have plenty of vehicles that will need to go, everything from tractor to quads.  This sale is being influenced by both divorce financial news as well as medical news.  This looks like the time to make my move and prepare myself for Plan-B.

A Warm Welcome

Owner: Daryl Riersgard      (phone) 775-578-0096    (e-mail)

(mailing address) P.O. Box 36, Paradise Valley, NV. 89426

Also, check the new web site ( This site is limited to those British Soay breeders that honoring the original breed lines, the RBST registration process and generally promoting the welfare of this ancient treasure.

Quote from Wendell Berry:  “A community economy is not an economy in which well-placed persons can make a ‘killing’.  It is an economy whose aim is generosity and a well-distributed and safeguarded abundance”.

Quote from John Ikerd:  “ A nation that can’t feed itself is no more secure than a nation that can’t defend itself”.

(also)  “The future of humanity in these uncertain times depends on the thoughtful, caring and committed people who choose to live and work on family farms (and ranches)”.

Spring of 2011, with record breaking snow pack.  The watershed is the best since 1983/84.  Photo shot from Sperry Lane (off the Duane Boggio ranch).

The above and below photos are ranch house shots from my telephoto lens.  Photo date was 24 June 2011.  The snow capped mountains are still producing watershed even by early summer.  Water everwhere (for 2011). Different story in 2012.